Tasty Sunday thoughts

If I dine on a giant 1-lb sustainably caught shrimp for dinner, wash it down with scallop beer, and have maple-bacon lollipops for dessert, would that hold the world record for number of treyf courses consumed? YUM.

Then again, Eric & I immediately followed our Orthodox Jewish wedding ceremony with a New England-style clam and lobster bake. So nu? We better not move to Israel.


3 Responses to Tasty Sunday thoughts

  1. jebyrnes says:

    Nah, I prefer my bacon embedded in chocolate.

    Believe it or not, it’s AMAZINGLY tasty.

    (says the guy who’s bar mitzvah torah portion on the laws of kashrut was followed up by a dinner of lobster lasagna, with nary a fin or scale in sight)

  2. Gila says:

    I do keep kosher, but rest assured…you can eat trayf to your heart’s desire here in the Holy Land. The pickings are, admittedly, somewhat slim in J’lem, but T”A—trust me, we have it all.

  3. Excellent. Because I bet that the endless tomatoes and cucumbers* go down ever so much better with bacon!

    *Based on my one and only trip to Israel when I was 16.

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