The New York Times reads Buffy, and it’s shocked, shocked!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has made some mainstream news (spoilers in the link) with the latest volume of Buffy: Season 8. Since the whole silly to-do relies on spoilers, I’m not going to launch into it until after the jump. Since I need to fill some space for layout reasons, I’ll take this moment to inform the Whedon loving geek cosmos that Joss will begin filming the pilot of his next show, Dollhouse, on April 23.

Well, plot-wise all you need to know is over there in that image. The
girl on the left is Satsu, a former slayerette. For the uninitiated, well, initiate yourself! The first three seasons of the show are really good. Isn’t that why we invented Netflix? Anyway, Buffy has always been broadminded. She’s slept with good vampires, bad vampires, soldiers, and even just a regular college Lothario. No biggie, as she might say. in the fourth season, two other characters discovered their own Lesbian identity. I don’t recall that making the NYT, not even the Books section. The show ended after seven seasons, only to be reborn as a comic, which is how we got to where we are.

I find it amazing that this story has gotten press attention anywhere outside of Whedonesque. Are we still such a homophobic society that the sexual experimentation of a TV character turned graphic novel character is worthy of the attention of the nation’s biggest newspaper? Imagine if the NYT starts reading Y: The Last Man.


5 Responses to The New York Times reads Buffy, and it’s shocked, shocked!

  1. jebyrnes says:

    Actually, the Times rather likes Y (be sure to note ridiculous Joss quote). Although, no mention of what happens behind closed doors with only one man out there in the world.


    Why the Times chose to jump on the comic of a finished TV Series (and, I have not read the comic, but I’ve heard a lot of folk kvetch about “season 8”) (and the show was good through season 4! And even into 5, sorta, before The Pain became the main theme), I have no idea. Slow news day? Or, as it’s in the Books section, nothing good out there to read? And certainly no other great comics or graphic novels, if they’re trying for that hip angle. Nothing. Good. At all. Right…

  2. Sam says:

    1. Having recently re-watched it from start to finish, I can say that, with a few stinker episodes and plot arcs, Buffy is an amazing show through season 7.

    2. Not to be cynical or anything — oh wait, I totally am — but I bet Joss just did this so he could make someone draw him pictures of teh girlsex.

  3. Kirsten says:

    My main issue with the whole thing is that the drawing sucks. What are those sheets made of? Shrink wrap? Damn.

    But yes, besides the “edginess,” I could see no reason for that to be a feature in the Times, and that also bugged me.

  4. Eric Wolff says:

    I second what Kirsten said. I get random graphic novels in the mail at work from companies hoping we’ll right about them. They pretty much all have the same drawn by committee look that Season 8 has – plasticky, everyone has perfect bodies, and corporate looking. It makes Season 8 hard to read once, let alone obsess over.

    On the question of which seasons are good, I stand by my original assertion that the first 3 season are undeniably good. After that, we have to start arguing about good and bad arcs, stinker episodes, lame supporting characters, and other major flaws. But those first three seasons? Excellent television.

  5. entEngle says:

    I believe that it took time for The Times to catch up to the TIMES. The 1st BtVS news spread
    (puns intended) in NYT involved ‘Columbine’ &
    ‘Earshot’; the coincidence of real, versus tv
    violence in high school. Sarah M. Gellar was
    livid when The WB felt compelled to postpone
    that episode. Her sentiments were published in The Times, THAT time. PERCEIVED controversies
    at most editors’ desks are what puts headlines
    in their places. I’ll assume the editors are
    changing nearly as fast as the zeitgeist has.

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