Party Time! We’re Excellent!

The Oyster’s Garter has received not one, but two Excellent Blogging Awards. Rick MacPherson made us all verklempt by comparing us to those heroes of our people, the borscht belt comedians. Then the Dispersal of Darwin, a fine science history blog of which I was unaware, nominated us too. Thank you both! I’m utterly delighted that my favorite form of procrastination brings joy to others.

But why, oh why must everything on the web be viral? I feel like I’ll be cursed with bad luck if I just take the lovely shiny E without passing it on. Will the kitties once again chew through my computer power cord? Will a reviewer on one of my outstanding grants be extremely offended at my prurient interest in barnacles and voles? Will my seasickness meds cease to work? Eeek!

So instead, I have finally put up an Oyster’s Garter blogroll, located on the right side of our home page. It’s a subset of the blogs that I read and think others might enjoy. Note that the distinction between “Conservation” and “Science” categories is pretty arbitrary, and depends on what you were posting on the day I added you to Google Reader. If you don’t see your blog up there and you think it would be of interest to the awesomely peculiar mix of geeks & marine scientists that read TOG, let me know.


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