The Age of Sail lives again! (a little bit)

The Beagle Project reports that a French wine exporter will begin to transport goods by tall ship – a three-masted barque, to be exact. The Belem, was originally launched in 1896, and was the last French merchant sailing vessel to be built. (Here’s the ship’s official webpage- beware silly music.) Now the Belem has a new life transporting French wine to Ireland, at a carbon savings of 4.9 oz per bottle, or 18,375 lb per 60,000 bottle cargo. To make the operation even more sustainable, ships will return with a cargo of crushed glass for recycling into new wine bottles.

Tall ships are so beautiful that it warms my crusty cynical heart to see them making a comeback, no matter how small. Tacking a sail onto a container ship, though useful, just isn’t the same. Maybe this is the beginning of a reversal of the Last Shanty?


2 Responses to The Age of Sail lives again! (a little bit)

  1. nunatak says:

    *sigh* Doesn’t this story just make your day? The website is gorgeous, silly music and all. I nearly needed a hankie; I’m not kidding. Just imagine how amazing it’s going to be when it’s the BEAGLE for chrissake!?!?

  2. riegle says:

    Thank you for an additional insightful web site. Wherever else can I am that type of info coded in a real fantastic means? I get a quest that we are purely at this point operating with, and I’ve recently been on the look out there regarding this kind of data.

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