My black is blacker than your black. I call it “black black.”

British scientists have produced a black coating that is 25 times blacker than conventional black paint. The scientists plan to use it to improve the vision of telescopes, but artists and goths are already drooling over the blacker-than-black substance. Even the description of how the new coating works sounds goth* – according to the BBC, it’s “an alloy of nickel and phospherous pitted with tiny curved craters [pictured here] which absorb light.” Just like the tiny curved craters can absorb my exquisite pain!

Sadly, the black black costs almost $980 for a 5 cm-square panel, which probably restricts its use to actual industrial applications for the time being. To sooth your inevitable angst, I gift you with the best piece of black-related poetry of all time. Originally from a friend’s high school literary magazine, it has been passed down lovingly throughout the years. Though now, perhaps the young and pained will compare their soul to cratered nickel and phospherous alloy rather than to a Metallica t-shirt.

Author (thankfully) unknown

Black as my soul
Black as the Metallica T-shirt he wore
He didn’t invite me to the prom
He didn’t invite me to the prom
I shall dance on his grave
And I shall wear

The title of this post is stolen from this list of “I’m So Goth That…” sayings, which Adam K. sent me long ago.

*I mock because I love. (and because though I now wear colors, I still confuse everyone in my lab when I play Siouxsie or Switchblade Symphony.)


38 Responses to My black is blacker than your black. I call it “black black.”

  1. Gila says:

    Lovely poem. Cheery!

  2. Justin says:

    Fans of Sandman? I love this blog even more.

    I remember hearing about this recently on NPR. Sounds pretty cool, I think it absorbs something like 99.6% of all light. I would love to be able to get a look at this stuff…would it suck the light right out of my eyes? 😉

    But I still have a question…is black black blacker than pink, the new black? I know…its deep…

  3. If anybody (however fictional) could pull off blacker than black garb, I figured it would be Morpheus. As for pink, my disgust for the color and all its ilk makes me biased. 🙂

  4. Tom Brandt says:

    I must refer you to a slightly more positive poem attached to a Flickr photo of mine:

    Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair

    Tom, born1945

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