Coprolites…for the children

The American Institute of Physics recognizes that poop is for all scientists, not just biologists. They’ve awarded “Jurassic Poop” the best children’s science writing of the year. “Jurassic Poop” also comes with the optional coprolite case (scroll down), for when you just can’t bear to leave your fossilized feces at home.

Will “Jurassic Poop” replace “Everyone Poops” as the #2 children’s classic? Stay tuned!

Thanks to Sam, who is pretty much keeping TOG going these days.


2 Responses to Coprolites…for the children

  1. kevin z says:

    LOL I read Everyone Poops to my son. We are in potty training (sort of) right now, but he just likes to look at the animals and name them. I’m not sure he gets the idea that they are pooping. Maybe I should read him your ocean poop posts?

  2. Yes! Maybe a children’s version of the salp poop story? “And then Sally the Salp pooped, and her poop plummeted down to the cold dark ocean. “Yay, breakfast!” cried the hungry worms.”

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