Scientists get DOWN with their theses

Jarrett discovered that the world’s first Dance Your PhD contest just took place in Vienna – and it is FIIINE. All those scientific talks must lead to a talent for interpretive dance. You must watch the videos – I especially like the loincloth-clad antelope hunter and the insane flailing techno-astronomer.

Actually, Jarrett and I are experienced interpretive dancers. After spending some very long summers out on an island in the middle of the Gulf of Maine as undergrads, we were able to dance the entire Gulf of Maine rocky assemblage, from barnacles to snails to crabs. And we did. Often at college parties. (Because we’re cool! Only cool people know different dances for Littorina littorea vs. Littorina obtusata!)

Marine scientists would totally represent if we decided to take up this most excellent tradition – perhaps at next year’s WSN conference. With a sheyn ponem like this one (“a pretty face,” but it sounds better in Yiddish), marine biologists are clearly made to rock.


2 Responses to Scientists get DOWN with their theses

  1. kevin z says:

    Marine ecologists, the bad boys and girls of science.

    I got to make out to WSN this year, I always hear such great things about it. I will be so ready to present some ecology results by nov. too.

  2. jebyrnes says:

    Also note that, if you want in on the next GLOBAL contest, you can sign up here. And I have. Oh yes indeed.

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