Even my turkey isn’t a whole food

Why is my ground up turkey “infused with spice extract”? You can’t read it from the tiny image at right, but the text below “Ground Turkey” reads “infused with natural spice extract”. Why? Foster Farms supplies decent turkey: no hormones, no steroids, no artificial enhancers. But I just don’t trust this “spice extract” business. And unfortunately, the other ground turkey in the store, Shady Brook Farms, also has spice extract. Do I really need to shop at Whole Foods Market just to get plain old ground turkey?  Sigh.


One Response to Even my turkey isn’t a whole food

  1. Christi says:

    It’s not quite the same, but I’ve taken to “grinding” meat in my food processor. I cut it into chunks and pulse a few times for 2 seconds at a time. Go too long and you’ll ger paste. This has worked for many of my ground meat needs ad would let you avoid the horrors of spice extract AND shopping in a different store. You could also get a grinder, but that’s more of a pain.

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