Science made me miss Darwin Day!

Yesterday was Darwin Day, the 150th anniversary of “On The Origin of Species.” I had grand plans that were completely scuttled by vast steaming heaps of work. So here’s a collection of links for belated celebration.

And check out the Beagle Project. They’re going to build a replica of the HMS Beagle and retrace Darwin’s voyage. They’re heading out next year in celebration of the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth.

Click the happy Darwin valentine for more scientist-related valentine wishes.


7 Responses to Science made me miss Darwin Day!

  1. would it kill ya to put an “a” in the “MacPherson”?

    hey, thanks for the link-love!

  2. Eric Wolff says:

    Done. Sorry ’bout that.

  3. Emmett says:

    Hey thanks for the link to the NP. Wow, the Guardian site is amazing — good to know about that. Striking how much better engaged the Brits are in science. Can you imagine a major American newspaper having a Darwin-fest of this sort? Of course, Charles is their homie, so probably there’s some nationalistic pride going on.

  4. Sorry to deprive you of your “A”, Rick!

    Emmett- the religious right seems to equate poor Darwin with Evil Atheism (which he would surely find very sad) so I don’t think we’d ever see such an extensive feature here. Also, I really, really want a T-shirt that says “Charles Darwin is my homie.”

  5. Justin says:

    Thank you Eric and Miriam for bringing Darwin Day to my attention. To recognize it, I decided to put a nice shine on my car’s Darwin fish 🙂

    Inspired by Emmett’s comment and Miriam’s reply to it, I read up on the Scopes trial. I never knew that Scopes lost that trial or that the trial itself was presided by a judge who unjustly banned most of the defense’s evidence.
    Pretty interesting…

  6. lunartalks says:

    Thank you Miriam, just added you to the Beagle Project’s blogroll.

  7. Fietri says:

    Innnterrresting! How big are they? Mr Darwin must have had high testosterone to have such a receidng hairline at 31! I guess he was also adventurous which reveals the same origins- but I’m adventurous ??? Yoiks!

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