Carnival of the Blue #9

It is that most wonderful time of the month – Carnival of the Blue time. But this time, it’s personal. Kevin Z not only links to this month’s best ocean blogging, but calls most mightily for action:

I am calling upon all ocean bloggers to use the power of the proverbial pen in 2008 to dedicate their writing not to solving these issues. Politicians and policy-makers do read us. Everyday people read us. Our pen is better suited to educating people on not what the problems, but why they exist, who is responsible, what can be done at a local level and how to sustain a lasting commitment to the health and sustainability of our oceans and its resources.

Want nice concrete actions to take every week? Sign up for Deep Sea News’ Just One Thing Challenge. I just signed up, slightly late. Fortunately, this week’s challenge of Use no plastic grocery and shopping bags for the next week is already in place in our household.


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