Is there summer school for the scientific method?

I was never in a science fair as a kid (my school didn’t offer them), but I love the idea. Volcanoes! Houseplants cruelly twisted towards the light! But the kids should have a vague idea of the scientific method and of proper research protocol, like anonymity. Oh, yeah – and a project based on asking adults about their abortions and porn consumption is not the best idea for Family Night.

This project breaks those wacky rules. The hypothesis is “Do unchristians make less moral choices than Christians?” and it’s based on a 20-question survey. (Best of all, in the science fair, respondents were not anonymous! ) If you get less than 15, you are immoral. A selection of the most amazingly terrible questions:

2. Have you ever killed another human being?
4. Have you ever had relations before marriage?
9. Do you listen to rap or heavy metal music?
10. Have you ever had an abortion or been pro-choice?
11. Have you ever read Harry Potter or Spiderwick Chronicles or the Golden Compass?
15. Are you overweight because you eat too much?
18. Do you view pornography?

I got a mightily immoral 3 2 – I’ve never murdered anyone, I give to charity, and what extra poundage I’ve got is definitely from eating too much buttery, delicious food. [Ed: Ooops, read that backwards. I don’t get a point for eating too much. I’m even more immoral than I thought!] Poor student – nobody s/he asked got more than a 15. What a fallen world we live in.

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One Response to Is there summer school for the scientific method?

  1. Sam says:

    I’m pretty sure what that survey proves is that un-Christians aren’t…Christian.

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