‘Female Figure on Mars Just a Rock’

Sounds like a headline from The Onion doesn’t it? It’s actually the headline from Space.com. Seems the British papers saw the NASA photo of the Mars terrain at right (taken by the Spirit Rover) and decided the circled image was a sitting Martian. No amount of logic will dissuade such folks, but I’ll quote Benjamin Radford‘s marvelously succinct explanation for how they know it’s just a bit of landscape:

 In fact, it will actually be pretty easy to determine whether or not the image is of alien life. In later photographs of the area, either the same shape will be there or it won’t. If it is, it’s a rock (unless, of course, little Martian men can hold the same pose for weeks or months at a time).

Even better, the rock formation is very close to the camera, so it’s quite small, just a few inches tall.


One Response to ‘Female Figure on Mars Just a Rock’

  1. Martini-Corona says:

    Whatever. Just don’t look into their gold-coin eyes.

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