Roswell ain’t the only spaceport in New Mexico*

Spaceport America, based outside of Las Cruces, NM launched an unannounced test rocket in December, carrying a payload of scientific wequipment all of 2,500 feet in the air. The launch isn’t exciting. The fact that New Mexico has a spaceport is. Not only a spaceport, no no. Also, a government agency dedicated to commercial space flight, the New Mexico Spaceport Authority (No longer will the Port Authority of New York and new Jersey be the no. 1 authority in my heart).

The spaceport is home base for crazy-rich guy (and crazy, rich guy) Richard Branson’s Virgin Galctic space tourism company, and also of the Xprize, the contest that offers a prize to the first company to build a reusable orbiting space vehicle. All I want to know is when will the Enterprise (or Voyager or Millennium Falcon or Serenity) be docking, and how much do I need for a ticket?

* Original post was titled with Area 51, which is in Nevada. I got it confused with Roswell. Thanks to “bob the alien” for the correction.


One Response to Roswell ain’t the only spaceport in New Mexico*

  1. bob the alien says:

    Area 51 in New Mexico? oops… that would be Nevada….

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