But I think they’re more like the Gentlemen

This has nothing to do with science, technology, or sweet sweet invertebrates. Nonetheless, I cannot resist the GOP Primary Field in Buffy Villains.

Via Pandagon


4 Responses to But I think they’re more like the Gentlemen

  1. Sam says:

    Genius beyond belief. I can’t believe I never noticed that about Mitt and the Mayor! I will now go post this on my own blog.

  2. […] I really understood the GOP side of things when I was pointed in the direction of an article explaining the similarities between Buffy villains and the candidates. (Props to the Oyster for that one). […]

  3. Martini-Corona says:

    Please read the comments — some of them are inspired. To wit:

    “Dennis Kucinich => Anya
    Good to have on your side; has trouble saying things that make sense to humans.”

    “Hmm, I think John McCain is Spike. Stole the show years ago with devil-may-care charisma, now spends his time in the GOP basement drinking blood out of milk jugs.

    On that note, Ron Paul would make a pretty good Drusilla.”

  4. jebyrnes says:


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