Scissors Rex

How to win at Rock Paper Scissors, according to “research”

1) Realize that rock is the most popular first choice
2) Assume your opponent will thus choose paper
3) Choose scissors
4) If you work for Christie’s, win $25 million!

Of course, this will not avail you if you are playing Rock-Paper-Scissors-Spock-Lizard.

Via Chaos Theory


2 Responses to Scissors Rex

  1. Eric Wolff says:

    11-year-olds are a good resource, but they should have consulted the World Rock Paper Scissors Society for real expert advice.

  2. jebyrnes says:

    My favorite vineyard, Roshambo has an annual tournament. I played once after heavily surveying the RPS strategy guide. It worked. It really did. The only time I lost, which was in the finals for advancement out of the first round tournament, was when I assumed that deviating from a strategy or a strict read of my oponent might be the better option – it was a tense 2-2 tie breaker, and I though that if I swerved, he migh attempt to counter my strategy of the scissor sandwich, but, alas, it would have worked in the end, and yet, as I threw my scissors, he maintained his avalanche, and knocked me out. I would have had him…

    Truly, only the strong survive.

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