Congressional Democrats throw the sun under the bus

I have naught but curse words for the Democrats running Congress. In an age when every grassroots gear is turning towards finding ways to produce energy cheaply, without pollution, and without dependence on nations whose governments embrace abhorrent ideals, Congress has decided not to renew crucial solar and wind energy subsidies in the energy bill passed the other day. Apparently it was part of the deal that raised car mileage standards so that by 2020 the average mpg of the American fleet will be 35 mpg. This is predicted to reduce carbon emissions by all of 9%.

Hey Nancy, Harry – check it out: The price of oil is driving people to buy more fuel efficient cars, anyway. And government subsidies in Germany and Japan are driving those countries to develop this renewable energy sources so fast that Germany is on the verge of *reducing* those subsidies – because they’re market competitive. How about standing up for some principles for once?

But, ever the optimist and believer in technology, I also discovered that a company backed by Google, called Nanosolar, made a breakthrough in production that lowers the cost of panels dramatically. Even without subsidies, the panels will allow a solar power facility to be built that produces electricity at the same $2-per-watt that a coal plant would cost. The company has already begun production at its plant in San Jose. So there’s still hope.


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