Wastewater…in your face!

Has anyone taken a gander at the city of San Diego’s Metropolitan Wastewater Department website? You simply must. The headline for this post is the headline for the sites children’s section, only it doesn’t read quite that smoothly. An alternative reading might be “Wastewater…Sewage, in your face!” Either way, gross.

Someone at MWD has decided that the city’s school children need a thorough understanding of how sewage gets moved and treated, and they’ve decided to abandon all dignity. On the site, you can send your friends “some cool pictures of sewage,” hear sewage related music, play wastewater games, or make food items that look like waste. Yup, food that looks like poop: Sewage Soda and Fake Sludge Cakes. Sludge, in sewage terms, is the dense clot of solid waste that they filter out of the wastewater. Can we all agree that that’s just gross? Can we also agree that Miriam or I will have to make some of these concoctions and report back? Stay tuned.


One Response to Wastewater…in your face!

  1. Sam says:

    I…have no words. I think my favorite part is the disclaimer on the food page: “Sewage Soda does not contain real sewage. Untreated raw sewage is dangerous to your health and should never be consumed.” What a buzzkill!

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