You’ll never get any work done again

…if you start playing Desktop Tower Defense. Stephen Totilo, the video game critic for MTV, made this simple Java game his game of the year (which I only learned from‘s “Gaming Club“). Once you figure out the game play (which takes 40 seconds, thanks to the tutorial), the rest is nothing but Tetris-type addiction. Last night, I saw little Creeps in my sleep.


5 Responses to You’ll never get any work done again

  1. anna says:

    no. i will not click.

  2. J says:

    I was reading that Slate conversation at work, and actually went to the website for the game before waking up to reason and stepping slowly away… I already end up staying late at work semi-regularly due to boredom induced fits of procrastination. I can’t imagine how detrimental to me getting anything done that game would be

  3. jebyrnes says:

    Damnit, I have to finish a postdoc application today and bake a pie!



    Oh! It’s like a kinda more low-tech looking and more self-directed version of onslaught.

    For more productivity killing, see chain factor.

  4. Eric Wolff says:

    That second game is almost a prototype of the first, though I think I like DTD better. As for the rest of you, your resistance is weakening… you will click the link…you will click….

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