Greetings from lovely central California

After being sedated with massive amounts of religiously-sanctioned fried potatoey goodness, I’m in Monterey, working out a collaboration with a lab up there. I like more-northern California – there’s trees and a nice bumpy rocky intertidal that I got to go play in and it’s sort of cold. And I have a rather shameful love for the adorable fuzzy vertebrates populating the kelp forest up here.

In lieu of an actual posting, please enjoy Japanese aquarium toilet. (Via Deep Sea News.)


3 Responses to Greetings from lovely central California

  1. mieke says:

    How many fishes does it flush per use?

  2. Amanda H. says:


    I’m in Santa Cruz through tomorrow (the 12th)! Are you still in Monteray? Are you with transportation? Wanna meet?


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