The New York Times concedes that Miriam is a smarty

It took the Paper of Record two separate writers to say what Miriam has already pointed out in two posts regarding the gender of European bees. Mainly, that they’re mostly girls, and that a movie about bees featuring male bees would be brief and possibly X-Rated (male bees are for mating and little more).

As Susan Brackney, a beekeeper, puts it in her op-ed:

If Mr. Seinfeld wanted realism (and an R rating), his male bees would be sex workers who do little more than mate with the queen — after which their genitals snap off.

And then as Natalie Angier writes in the Science Times:

A successful male is a dead male. A failure lives to stagger home and beg to be fed and to try again tomorrow.

Granted, I wouldn’t be too excited about seeing a bee cartoon that depicted quite that level of accuracy,but an all female, non-love story bee movie could be a hell of a lot of fun.


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