Lansing unprepared for zombie invasion

Contrary to reports in the international press, Lansing, MI will be unprepared for the zombie invasion. They are not stockpiling chainsaws. They are not preparing to block off highway exits. Lansing is going to be overrun! Personally, I’d flee to Davis, where the undergrads understand the importance of surviving World War Z.


2 Responses to Lansing unprepared for zombie invasion

  1. jebyrnes says:

    They’re stockpiling chainsaws? pfft. Everyone knows that they’re heavy, can easily cause accidental damage, and once they run out of gas, they’re useless. But go Aggies! There are probably few better places to survive the Zombacalypse than an Ag school (go-go food storage technology) with riot-proof buildings, and an easy escape into the mountains.

  2. And close to the Farallon Islands! Oh, yes – our zombie escape plan becomes stronger and stronger.

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