Carnival of the Blue #6

Go check out Carnival of the Blue over at Cephalopodcast. It’s a collection of this month’s (self-submitted) best ocean blogging, and has some fine entries on everything from mole crabs to debt-for-reef-protection schemes. And, for the first time ever, The Oyster’s Garter represents!


3 Responses to Carnival of the Blue #6

  1. Mark Powell says:

    Oysters, Scripps, blogging, you must be me. No, really, I love oysters, was once at Scripps as a grad student, and I have a blog too. From your newest subscriber!

  2. Thanks, Mark! I’m pretty sure I’m not you on the chromosomal issues alone, but I’m definitely going to look up your dissertation. :>)

  3. Mark Powell says:

    Uh oh, don’t tell anyone what you find or I may lose all credibility. Something about studying large worms seems to inspire snide comments about manhood doubts.

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