PZ Myers talk at SIO – TOMORROW

San Diegans –

PZ Myers of Pharyngula will be giving a talk at Scripps Institution of Oceanography tomorrow at 3 PM. (I set it up as part of my mission to bring SIO more into the wild world o’ blogging.) Here’s the abstract:

Sharing science: education, activism, and advocacy

I’m planning on telling the attendees the secret to getting a million visits per month to their blogs. No, actually — I’m going to discuss and justify diverse approaches to getting the public engaged in science issues, and I plan to mention both what I consider to be successes (but which may not change the wider conversations) and failures (which even so are of value). And it’s open to the public! Come on down to Vaughn 100 on the Scripps Institution of Oceanograph (map), and join in the conversation.


2 Responses to PZ Myers talk at SIO – TOMORROW

  1. damn, i’m so jealous… i’d love to be there… and don’t think i didn’t contemplate cashing in my southwest miles for a day trip!

    hey, is this part of the scripps COSEE initiative?
    if so, say hi to cheryl peach for me!

  2. It’s not too late to give in to temptation…come on down! No, it’s not part of COSEE – I invited PZ as part of our Marine Biodiversity IGERT program. Sadly, I don’t know Cheryl Peach personally, but hopefully our paths will cross at some point.

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