Nerds great and small

sgt.jpgIn my travels around San Diego County covering the fire, I crossed paths with Sgt. Ricardo Brizuela, U.S. Army, pictured at right. He came up to me while I was shooting pictures of a burnt-out shell of a house in Escondido and asked if the bumper sticker on my car was Serenity. It is. We proceeded to chatter for 10 minutes about the show, the movie, and how sad we both are that Joss killed Wash. Also, he likes that Kaylee went over to Stargate Atlantis. You just never know where you’re going to find another one of The People.


5 Responses to Nerds great and small

  1. jebyrnes says:

    She did?!?! Damnit. Now I have to watch it, too…

  2. Eric Wolff says:

    Don’t do it! It’s not good! I think people watch it out of desperate need for sci-fi programming that doesn’t completely suck.

  3. Lauren the 16 yr old wonder says:

    I too, am one of The People. Amazing.

  4. I laughed my head off when I came across this article. I could not believe that I found my husband, but I am NOT suprised at all that he is caught on her. The title to your article is so funny to me.I have always called him a geek/nerd. lol!!! ;^P

    I love him and thanks for making him an official part of the people.

  5. Jeniffer says:

    thats my dad no joke

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