Windows Vista – Crash and burn

Nothing makes a Mac person more smug than the woes of a Microsoft product. And man does it sure look like Windows Vista is a turkey. A short summary of the problems: It won’t let you make Firefox your default browser, the pre-installed backup software doesn’t work properly, software makers aren’t jumping to upgrade their software to use Vista functionality, and it will check “the legitimacy” of software on your computer and even delete stuff it doesn’t like. Actually, that last one is a doozy. Here’s what how a reviewer form the Toronto Star described the pre-installed anti-virus software Windows Defender:

Once operational, the agreement warns that Windows Defender will, by default, automatically remove software rated “high” or “severe,” even though that may result in other software ceasing to work or mistakenly result in the removal of software that is not unwanted.

Really? It will just delete stuff? That’s so not OK.  And those are just a few of the myriad reasons not to use Vista that the Internet provided. No wonder a C-Net blogger is calling for Microsoft to just abandon the whole project.


6 Responses to Windows Vista – Crash and burn

  1. Sam says:

    Hee! “Windows Defender.” Might as well just call it “Operation Windows Defender OF FREEDOM”!

  2. How about “Protecting Windows Nation Defensively”? It has the appropriate acronym: PWND.

  3. […] tries to catch up Microsoft is issuing a patch for the troubled latest version of the windows operating system, Vista, to “address issues of reliability, performance, and […]

  4. Kevin Zelnio says:

    *sitting here looking smug as he reads this post on his second macbook* I gave the first to my wife when i needed more hard drive space. Yep, forced to upgrade and get a faster processor too (and leopard *swoon*). Hmm… time machine seems to work F’in awesome for backing my stuff up on my LaCie drive. Firefox? I wouldn’t use anything else!

    I hope my students don’t read about the randomly deleting stuff, I don’t need to hear any more excuses about late assignments… (out 48 students, only 3 use macs and about 3 more use win XP, all the rest use Vissduh)

  5. Eric & I are both on Macs, but we don’t have Leopard yet. Is it all you hoped & dreamed it would be? Especially considering that I’d have to upgrade the RAM on my ibook in order to run it?

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