Tardigrades…in space!

The only thing better than tardigrades (they’re the cutest little moss creatures that you’ll ever see) is TARDIGRADES…IN SPACE!

And these tardigrades don’t have tiny spacesuits, either. They are going to experience the cold vacuum without any protection. If they live, they will be the most badass invertebrates of all time. Cause there’s no way the run-of-the-mill scary invertebrates like giant squid or stomatopods could survive SPACE.

And what really puts the delicious butter cream icing on the nerd-cake is that the acronym for this project is TARDIS.

Thanks to Jarrett Byrnes from making this glorious experiment part of my life.

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  1. […] Frontier not so final for tardigrades Posted by Miriam Goldstein under Uncategorized   Previously on Project Tardis, our intrepid tardigrades were being launched in space, there to experience the Ultimate Challenge […]

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