Welcome to the Oyster’s Garter

So a journalist and a biologist walked into a bar. The journalist was cheery and had faith in the power of human innovation, while the biologist was cynical and expected (ok, expects) the world to end unpleasantly any day now. Some time, two cats, and several hundred books later, they got married and moved to San Diego.

But the nerdiness was too much for just one apartment. It could not be contained. It needed to be shared with the world. So we, Miriam and Eric, have started this blog to track science & technology developments, especially here in San Diego.

The name comes from a series of 1920s slang we heard on the NPR show A Way With Words – the cat’s pajamas, the bee’s knees, the snake’s hips…and apparently the oyster’s garter. No bivalves have yet been harmed in the creation of this blog, but we’re not making any promises.


One Response to Welcome to the Oyster’s Garter

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