Some oceans just can’t hold their arsenic.

dirty_runoff.jpgAmerica’s Finest City also has America’s second-most-polluted bay. Yay us.

These days, most of the nasty flowing into San Diego Bay (and other parts of the coastline) is a cocktail of urban runoff, with a fine bouquet of oil, pesticides, and heavy metals.

So, when the City of San Diego went to update its storm water discharge permit, the Regional Water Quality Control Board laid the smack and is requiring the city to take some measures to reduce polluted runoff.

Most of the proposed measures target development projects 50 acres or greater, and are aimed at reducing the amount of runoff and slowing down the remaining runoff. This means less impermeable surfaces like concrete and more catchment basins and slow-down devices.I did not have the fortitude to wade through the permit itself, but you can get handy FAQ sheets and links to more info at Think Blue, the City’s storm water reduction website. (Didn’t know they had one of those? Me either.)

There’s also a public meeting tomorrow, August 28th, 5:30-7:30 PM, should you desire to share your runoff-related thoughts with the city and perhaps with a posse of angry developers.


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